About California Connect

We provide telephone communication access for Californians with hearing, vision, cognitive, mobility, and speech-related disabilities.
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Technology makes it easier than ever to connect with people around the world. However, these technologies are often not designed for people with disabilities, leaving millions of people out of billions of conversations.

At California Connect, formerly California Phones or the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP), our goal is to make it easier for every Californian with speech, hearing, vision, mobility, or cognitive disabilities to connect with the world around them in a way that is comfortable and convenient for them. We believe that equal access to communication is not a privilege, but a right.

California Connect is a public communications program funded by the California Public Unities Commission (CPUC) that allows consumers to connect with the world using our specialized equipment, relay services, and speech assistance programs. Our accessible products and services are fully subsidized, removing any financial barriers.

We want to reach every single eligible Californian that wants fully accessible communication. If this is you or a loved one, connect with us today!

With California Connect, you can communicate YOUR way!

Learn more about our programs

Accessible Equipment and Accessories

Every day, specialized phones from this program enable over half a million Californians to stay connected. There's a phone or piece of equipment for every need. For example, there are amplified phones that make it easier to hear conversations. Big button phones that are easier to dial. Phones with lights that flash for incoming calls. Convenient portable phones – and more to help people with hearing, vision, speech, mobility, or cognitive disabilities.

Did you know that almost 4,000 devices were delivered to California consumers in 2021?

California Relay Service (CRS)

The California Relay Service (CRS) connects individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, or have speech disabilities to communicate with family, friends, and businesses over the phone. These individuals can communicate with other telephone users through the use of specially trained Communication Assistants who facilitate the calls or through specialized phones. Learn more on our CRS page. 

Did you know that California Relay Service had almost 1.3 million calls in 2021?

California Speech Generating Devices (SGD)

California Speech Generating Devices, also known as Alternative Augmented Communication (AAC), provides funding for Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) as the provider of last resort pursuant to California Public Utilities Code Section 2881. Applications for California Connect funding of Speech Generating Devices are now available.  California Connect has also partnered with the California Department of Rehabilitation to launch Voice Options, which provides Californians with speech disabilities an iPad that functions as a speech generating device (SGD) through a selection of apps. To learn more, please visit our Voice Options page 

Did you know that Speech generating devices provided over 1,300 personalized devices to consumers in 2021?

Hours of operation:
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Monday through Friday
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Contact Center
P.O. Box 30310
Stockton, CA 95213
Phone: 1-800-806-1191
Email: caconnect@cpuc.ca.gov
Fax: 1-800-889-3974


Welcome to California Connect, also called the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program, which provides communication access for Californians with hearing, vision, cognitive, mobility, and speech-related disabilities. The program includes accessible equipment and devices, California Relay Service (CRS), and speech generating assistance.