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Equipment and Services

View all the equipment and services that California Connect has to offer to support your needs.
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An assortment of individuals using various telecommunication technologies.

Equipment and Services

View all the equipment and services that California Connect has to offer to support your needs.
Apply Now to QualifyHow do I qualify?
  • A black man wearing a gold long sleeve shirt wearing a headset and microphone device to communicate with others.
  • A female young adult wearing rainbow tie dye sweatshirt, looking afar from her wheelchair, holding an iPad device in her hand.
  • An Asian man with black-rimmed glasses and hair, long sleeve plaid shirt and a green t-shirt, listening through a device and smiling.
  • A white Deaf man wearing a gold hat and gold-rimmed glasses. The man is wearing a tan t-shirt and has a flower tattoo on his left neck.
  • A blind Black woman wearing a white turtleneck shirt and blouse sitting on the couch, holding a white phone to her ear, listening to the caller on the other end of the line.

ChatterVox Amplio

Witness the enhanced audio response of the next evolutionary step in the ChatterVox family in an amazingly thin and light weight form.  The ChatterVox Amplio can give your voice a tremendous boost, all while coming in a ridiculously thin 1 inch depth.  It consists of a rechargeable amplifier and speaker unit along with an extremely comfortable ChatterVox Ultra Lightweight Headset Microphone.  You simply charge the ChatterVox for a few hours with the included charger, put on the amplifier and headset, plug the headset into the amplifier, adjust the volume and you’re set.  Nobody beats ChatterVox when it comes to quality and ease of use.  ChatterVox - you can hear the difference!


  • Simple to use.
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Super tiny, lightweight and portable, can be used anywhere.
  • Super slim 1” design.
  • Can be worn around the neck with included adjustable lanyard
  • Can also be worn clipped to your belt or pants or skirt.
  • Protective Custom Storage Case included.
  • Lightweight Portable Voice Amplifier (weighs 6 ounces, it weights about as much as a pack of gum)
  • ChatterVox Ultra Lightweight Headset Microphone delivers the ultimate in comfort.
  • Included Leather Case to protect the amplifier.
  • Leather Case not only protects the amplifier but looks amazing.
  • Built in rechargeable, environmentally friendly batteries provide up to 12 hours of use.  Recharging is easy and can be done overnight, batteries never get removed, you simply plug in the charger for overnight charging.
  • All day comfort.


Contact Center
P.O. Box 30310
Stockton, CA 95213
Phone/VP: 1-800-806-1191
Fax: 1-800-889-3974


Welcome to California Connect, also called the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP), which provides communication access for Californians with hearing, vision, cognitive, mobility, and speech-related disabilities. The program of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) includes accessible communication equipment and devices, relay service, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices.
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